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That from which all beings have been thrice-born, thrice-fated and thrice-faced. To be set behind the lasting dream, to be set as seekers of the life-bearing chain and to be the beginning, the middle and the end in The Great Shattering. Those are gifts of the sincere hands of Annu, The Unfoldered God. God that never sleeps, but dreams.


  1. Settings overview
  2. Brief history of Annura and Timeline of Annura
  3. Anumner, Iqta and Men
  4. Houses of Anumner
  5. [[Anumner quadrumvirate]]
  6. Magical properties of Annura
  7. Geography of Annura


  1. Attributes
  2. Skills
  3. Magic system
  4. Combat system

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Main Page

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